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Songs used recently

Oct 20   As we gather here together;  Bless the Lord O my soul;  Open the eyes of my heart, Lord;  Behold the lamb;  O God of burning cleansing flame

Oct 13   Give thanks to the Lord, our God;  Blessed be Your name;  Over the mountains and the sea;  How deep the Fathers love;  I give You all the honour;  Men of faith

Oct 6     Praise is rising;  This I believe (The Creed);  Holy words (Ancient words);  Waiting here for you;  The Servant King

Sep 29     As we see the world in tatters;  He is the Lord;  How good & pleasant it is;  Teach me your way O Lord;  In Christ alone.

Sep 22     Come on & celebrate;  Bless the Lord O my soul;  Take us to the river;  Above all powers;  These are the days of Elijah.

Sep 1     Come now is the time to worship;  Praise is rising;  Be still for the coming of the Lord;  Saviour of the world;  How great thou art.

Aug 25     How deep the Fathers love for us;  There is a redeemer;  Indescribable;  Open the eyes of my heart Lord;  When I survey the wondrous cross.