Activity Bags

    We hope to provide 210 activity bags for children aged 4 years and under, and 5-11 years, for families attending the foodlink distribution points at St Paul's church, Margate and St Peters Baptist church, St Peters.

    The activity bags will be handed out each week during the school summer holidays from Monday 26th July,

    All bags will have a minimum of-:

    Pencil with eraser

    5 colouring pencils.

    3 pieces of white paper, 3 pieces of coloured paper and 3 activities (on paper).

    Plus other items ( suggestions but not limited to)

    Bats and balls



    buckets and spades

    shapes for playing in sand

    play sunglasses

    sun hats/caps

outdoor games (wide variety from different shops)

reading books (for under 4, and 5-11 years)

colouring books, dot to dot books, how to draw books.

shapes to paint and colour

pritt stick type glue

coloured pipe cleaners


variety bags for making collages

things to stick

paint and paint brush


any other ideas suitable to age range, with emphasis but not excluded to being outside.

In addition sunblock - which can be given to family groups.

Harvest is financially supporting this which will provide the basics. Any other items donated will be included in the bags.

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