LockDown Ideas

Ideas & websites to keep us mentally active & amused

A whole slew of different culture things (click here)

View various museums & Art galleries (click here)

Watch Lloyd Webber musicals for free (click here)

International Garden Photographer of the year  (click here)

Free National Theatre performances (click here)

Free ballet and opera from the Royal Opera House  (click here) 

National Gardens Scheme virtual garden tours (click here)

15 FREE ways to relax, feel good & look after yourself during lockdown  (click here)

With virtual quizzes so popular, here are some you can join online for free each week:

Every night, 9pm:   The Self Isolation Pub Quiz with Gil Kolirin (via Facebook)   (click here)

Wednesdays, 8pm:   Virtual Pub Quiz Wednesdays (via Facebook)    (click here)

Thursdays, 9pm:   Social Distancing Quiz with 'Lisa off of Eggheads' (via Facebook)    (click here)

Sundays, 7pm:   PJ Quiz Co (via Facebook)    (click here)

Adult Colouring Drawings  -  just print off & colour   (click here)

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