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Welcome to Harvest

A warm welcome wherever you are on this Sunday

 There are a few prayers below  +  Kerry's Easter talk if you wish to read it after, or alongside, the video

Keep us, good Lord,  under the shadow of your mercy in this time of uncertainty and distress. 

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,  and lift up all who are brought low; 

that we may rejoice in your comfort  knowing that nothing can separate us from your love 

in Christ Jesus our Lord.   Amen.

A prayer for these times

Gracious God,  give skill, sympathy and resilience to all who are caring for the sick, 

and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.

Strengthen them with your Spirit,  that through their work many will be restored to health; 

through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.

For those who worship now at home ;  For those who worship all alone 

For those who miss loved ones so much ;  For those who miss their grandchilds touch 

For those who feel their heartstrings tug ;  For those who crave a friendly hug 

Be not afraid, the scriptures say ;  The Lord is with you night & day 

Prayer  (shamefully nicked from 'The Blessing')

May his favour be upon you & a thousand generations,

           & your family, & your children, & their children & their children. 

May his presence go before you, & behind you, & beside you;

         all around you, & within you. He is with you in the morning, in the evening;

  In your coming & your going; In your weeping & rejoicing;

            He is for you.  He is for you.    Amen  Amen  Amen

Easter Sunday talk from Rev Kerry Thorpe


Lord God,

In these trying times - may we have patience

In these difficult times - may we persevere

In these lonely times - may we know that you are with us


May the Lord bless you & keep you safe

See you on the flip side

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